Wednesday, November 3, 2010

National Day of Conversation

Today I had the privilege of taking part in a great conversation, I mean, it is the National Day of Conversation after all.  The topic: What is the most important work newly elected officials can address in your community?  I sat at a table with about 15 or so strangers and discussed everything from inevitable political redistricting (and how it will ultimately be unfair) to how we could better utilize Cleveland's waterfront.  This situation was a brand new experience for myself, and it was very eye opening.  It was good to break out of my current circle of conversations and bust into a new one.  I would encourage everyone to try something like this, who knows what you might learn or who you might meet.  Better yet, your conversation might lead to some sort of action.  The type of action that may encourage your elected officials to go through fair redistricting or a brand new commercial development on Cleveland's beautiful waterfront...

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