Sunday, April 17, 2011


Confidence can be the most powerful tool in your personal arsenal, yet few seldom look at it that way.  Lack of confidence can literally destroy someone.  Confidence can gain you political office, incredible wealth, strong relationships, good test scores and even a healthy and long life.  Lack of confidence can lose you that promotion, cause a relationship to falter, make you a bad parent or even cause you not to volunteer to help those less fortunate.  So why is confidence over looked by so many if it can be the sole cause of so much good or so much bad?

It can be hard to be confident, mostly because of the negativity of the people around you.  How often do people make fun of someone just because of something they have done.  I know I have.  I know tons of more negative people then I do positive people.  Even some of my best friends have made fun of me or talk negatively instead of supporting me or being positive.  How about a few current events to help me make my point.  Rebecca Black, an over night sensation in music.  Now, Rebecca Black wasn't trying to become famous, she just made a music video with friends for fun, but in today's world of instant communication is circled the globe fast, and she became very popular.  But, most of the comments she received were negative.  I can speculate why, but I don't know each and every person's reason.  I bet most are jealous, but will never admit it.  But either way, how can Rebecca Black have confidence in a time when there is so much negativity coming her way?  Again, it is hard to be confident because of negativity.

How about Donald Trump.  This man exudes confidence.  And look at where is has gotten him.  Recently, in an interview regarding his possible bid for the presidency, he said that the democrats are extremely afraid of his potential bid.  Now, is that true, probably not.  But, Donald Trump believes it is, because he has the confidence to go at this with everything he has, and to never accept failure.  Is it possible that he fails?  Absolutely, but he refuses to acknowledge that, at least not until he does fail.  Now, some people may believe that he is just crazy to think that, but again, I say look at where he is as in life.

I have a lot more to say regarding this topic, so look for future posts, but for now I will say this: Being negative is always easier, but if you look to the examples of the people who have extreme confidence (and not just Donald Trump), can you really afford to not be confident?