Saturday, August 28, 2010

A little help for Pakistan please

Here is another situation that has me a little upset:

Haiti Earthquake:
     People affected = 3-4 million
     Aid received = Billions of dollars
Pakistan Flood:
     People affected = 20 million
     Aid received = well, let's compare it to pouring a glass of water into the ocean...

Why?  Will someone please give me a good reason why we will not give Pakistan the same amount of love we gave Haiti?  And do not tell me that it is because Pakistan is corrupt.  The government of Haiti is just as bad, if not worse than that of Pakistan.  Do not tell me that we don't want to give money to terrorists.  There are innocent human beings dying because we think the country of Pakistan is nothing but terrorists.  We must get over the Islamic phobia here in America and elsewhere.

Please, consider helping out.  Check out for a list of organizations that are accepting donations.

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