Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Too Much Information?

I have decided that the internet is starting to make some aspects of my life harder.  I know I cannot be alone in this revelation.  Let me set it up.  Buying a car in 1990 involved talking to a car dealer, test driving different models and talking to friends and family.  Some people might even read a magazine article that conveyed one person's opinion.  Buying a car in 2010 involves all of those things to a certain extent, but now we have the internet.  And what is on the internet?  Thousands of blogs, articles, opinion pages, forums and reviews.  Instead of a few people's opinions, you can now access thousands of people’s opinions.  Now being the good consumer that you are, you want to do your research and make an informed decision.  But where the hell do you start? And how do you even know the information is good?  The worst part, there is always a bad review, which in turn makes you question the decision you were about to make.

All I know is that I spend countless hours researching any major purchase I'm about to make.  I mean, I love being informed, but can you have too much information?

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