Sunday, November 14, 2010


I was sitting in a Starbucks a few days ago having coffee with my wonderful girlfriend.  We were having a conversation about her grad school applications.  Unfortunately, I was being distracted.  The distraction was a teenage boy trying to talk to a teenage girl.  We all know how this goes; he was trying to act really "cool."  "Cool" is in quotation marks for a reason.  "Cool" means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and I respect most of its uses.  This example of "cool" however, was completely unacceptable.  The kid, for 20 minutes, talked about how "cool" is was to be drunk all the time.  He even bragged about this one time when him and his friends got black out drunk and drove around the city doing stupid things.  Now, I am not a violent person, but if it wasn't for my girlfriend I probably would have punched him out.  There is absolutely no need for a person like him to be a part of a civilized society.  THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE!  AND IT IS FUN? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The girl he was talking to, couldn't help herself.  She was eating it up, giggling, playing with her hair, smiling.  She thought it was "cool."  There is no place for someone like her in a civilized society either.  She is just as guilty, because she is what I like to call an enabler.  I understand they are teenagers, and most of them have a messed up view of the world anyways, but come on!  You know who else I blame, his and her parents.  If only they got their heads out of their asses and raised their children in an acceptable manner.

This topic fires me up, if you can't tell.  I ask one thing of anyone who reads this post.  Please, for the love of humanity, do not enable people like these two I have discussed.  Punching someone out over this is not the answer, but if you are an adult and you are hearing a teenager talk like this, could you please remind them that they are being ridiculous and won't be laughing when they kill themselves, or worse... someone else.


  1. There would be less accidents and deaths attributed to drunk driving if people experienced it through simulation on a regular basis. Or it just helps to give the road your undivided attention and shut out distractions from friends, cell phone, mp3 payer, etc.

  2. I totally agree. It is definately the parents fault! That is a HUGE issue in this generation we live in...Downright terrible parenting. Also.... teenagers popping out babies faster than I can field strip a Glock 23!!! And that's FAST!