Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Are All People

While I am not myself gay, I have no problem with gay people.  In the same manner while I am not Muslim, I have no problem with Islamic people.  I can make this statement about any characteristic by which people are judged.  Why can't everyone share this point of view?  Why do people need to be judged because they are different?  Yea, I know, this topic is constantly just beaten to death, but I'd like to put a different spin on it.  Mostly because of the unnecessary amount of young gay people that are committing suicide because of moronic, ignorant fellow human beings.  For instance, I live in a city which, historically, has been an area where gay people in the area live (even though I don't know/notice anymore gay people here than I would normally notice in any other city).  Sometimes, when my girlfriend or I tell someone where we live, we get this sideways look as if this particular person is pondering why a straight person would live there.  And every time I want to smack the person upside the head, for a number of reasons.  1) Gay people are still PEOPLE.  2) Gay people do not have a disease, so it is acceptable to go near them.  3) I'm willing to bet the ratio of gay people to straight people in this city is maybe 1 gay person for every 30 straight people, so I am sure I am a welcome member of the community.  4) GET OVER IT!

So, here comes the different spin I referred to earlier.  If I were to say that a particular person is inferior to me because I am an engineer and they are just a sales person, or waiter, or a doctor, or a line man, would that be acceptable?  NO!  And quite far from the truth none-the-less.  So here is the deal, because someone is attracted to their same sex, they are not inferior to you!

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  1. Well I agree 100% with u Dan! Whether someone is gay or straight, he/she/whatever gender, is still people and a human being that has every right to live in peace and in piece!!!!!!!