Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get The Facts

So, my new favorite website is called  It is a service that operates in a few select states that tests the claims made by political candidates.  They use a scale that starts at "True" and ends at "Pants on Fire!" (As in liar, liar pants on fire...)  My favorite is the pants on fire rating.  In my mind, if a candidate gets rated pants on fire, they will never get my vote.  As I've said before, why don't you, as a political candidate, tell me what you can do, not lie about what a terrible person your opponent is.  For instance Governor Strickland recently put out a video about John Kasich where his team edited and cut a video apart to make it sound like Kasich was saying something ridiculous.  If you have to stoop to that level Mr. Governor, then you truly do not deserve to run my state.  You will not be getting my vote.

Anyways, I truly encourage everyone to check out the site and see for yourself what interesting things pop up.

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