Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/11 Has Passed, No more Mosque Talk?

The ninth anniversary of one of the most horrific attacks on American soil has passed.  I hope everyone took time that day to remember those we have lost and not make that day about burning the Qur'an or holding demonstrations about anti Muslim sentiment.  O wait, some people did do that.  Some people, who thought they were honoring the dead by holding anti Muslim protest, might have well just spit on the graves of the fallen.  YOU HONOR THE DEAD BY REMEMBERING THEM, NOT BY STIRRING UP HATRED!  I say damn those who protested on that day!  And here we are, eleven days later after all of the commotion and we have.... silence?  A movement that erupted in America and was on front pages everywhere is now dead.  Why?  Because the date of September 11th has passed?  Now we don't hate Muslims? Or is that we came to our senses? Ha! Not recently has that happened in America.  I'm betting the politicians decided they got what they needed out of the date, controversy.  Sad isn't it?  It is sad that we have turned a day of mourning into a day of creating political advantage.  Imam Faisal was right; it all blew over after 9/11 passed.  Build the mosque, please.  Prove to us that Muslims are just like Christians and Jews.  Let us build relationships and move forward together in peace.

God Bless the Fallen...

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