Thursday, August 26, 2010


So here it is, my opening post.  I am new at this whole writing thing so cut me some slack.  Hopefully I can get at least one post a week going, I don't want to set my goals to high to begin with.

There's going to be a good mix of topics on here until I figure out what I'm actually qualified to write about.  I do have a few things in mind so far and you can expect to see posts on them in the near future.  They include: Why isn't anyone helping out Pakistan? (it is completely unfair, they need the help, and bad); Why are the majority of Americans so afraid of the Muslim religion? Do they not think Christians or Jews do evil things too?; The fact that computers design a lot of civil and mechanical engineering related projects and whether or not that is ethical; I'd also like to share some secrets about my relationship with my girl friend, well, because I think couples can learn from them.

So you see, I have a very wide range of topics... let's see how it goes!